Party Food

Included in the party prices

For parties up to 20 guests, each guest will be given a choice of a meal from our party menu, this will include options of either a picnic box or a hot meal.  The hot meal includes ice-cream and the picnic box fruit and crisps for dessert.  

For parties of 20 or more it is not possible to prepare so many alternatives in one sitting so you will have the option to choose between Picnic Box meals for all or a Buffet suitable for your party size.  Please note buffet's do not include ice-cream for dessert, but a tasty selection of crisps and biscuits instead.

We do also give the option for customers to choose the buffet option providing you have 15 or more guests.

We can also now offer a special breakfast buffet for parties that book at either 9am or 10am on Saturdays & Sundays or 10am Monday to Fridays.  

The buffet will include cereals, toast, scrambled egg, beans, sausages and croissants.    This is a special request and therefore needs to be booked in advance, so please state when enquiring/booking.

Unlimited juice is provided for all party guests throughout. 

Picnic Boxes

Choice of a Sandwich (Ham, Jam, Nutella, Cheese, Tuna) 

Choice of a piece of Fruit (Apple, Orange, Banana)

Choice of a Snack (Biscuit, Crisps)

Hot Meals

Each guest can select an item from each of the below to create their your personalized meal.

1.  Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dog, Fish Fingers
2.  Chips, Potato Smiles
3.  Beans, Sweetcorn, Peas, Carrot and Cucumber Sticks