Park Rules

The following park rules must be adhered to at all times.

Trampoline Park

Before your jump session:

You must NOT be under the influence of any Alcohol or Drugs/Medicine which may affect you.

You must have completed a waiver

You must have watched our safety video
You must be wearing our trampoline socks
Do not jump if you have any health limitations or injuries
Do not jump if you are pregnant
Empty your pockets of any belongings into our lockers for safe keeping.  Cameras and Phones can be used on the walkways only but should be stowed away again whilst jumping.

Whilst you are in the park:

Always follow the advice given on the safety video

Always jump and land on both feet
Always bounce in the centre of the trampoline, never on the edges
Always follow and listen to our Marshals instructions
Always walk around the courts or walkways
Be aware of those around you as it is your responsibility to avoid others

Do not land on your head or neck
Do not effect any other jumpers bounce or movement in anyway
Do not try any move or trick which is out of your ability level that you cannot control
Do not sit or lie down on any Trampline bed, instead please use the Rest Boxes or leave the park and rest in the Cafe area and return when ready.
Do not climb or hang onto wall pads / nets or basketball hoops
Do not enter any rough play with any other jumper
Do not bring any food or drink onto the park

Soft Play

Do not bring any food or drink into the play frames

No sharp objects or unauthorized devices such as cameras, phones etc. are allowed on the frames

No climbing up slides

No climbing on the outside of the structure

​No clothing with hoods or toggles are allowed

No shoes or trainers are to be worn, all users must be wearing socks